Hi, I'm Nathan Pennie

I enjoy alpine ski racing, flying gliders, and working on my many projects. I've recently been involved projects surrounding the Matrix protocol and I often work with open source and free software. I also help out at New England Sci-Tech, a local startup makerspace in Natick, MA. I am often identified by my username (KB1RD), which is an amateur radio callsign. On weekends, I can be found skiing (usually at Cannon) or flying with the Greater Boston Soaring Club or the Franconia Soaring Association.


Here's what I've been working on


An in-browser assembly code simulator aimed at teaching the fundamentals of assembly language. The virtual computer uses a custom architecture similar to ARM, but with a 16-bit address space and 8 registers.

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Matrix Notepad

A real-time collaboration editor, like Etherpad, that communicates over the Matrix protocol. Currently, this uses a custom CRDT known as AnchorLogoot. It will soon become a Matrix Widget that you can add to clients like Element.

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New England Sci-Tech Kits

Working for New England Sci-Tech, I designed several beginner electronics kits and, with the help of some friends, wrote educational instructions. Now, you can order them online and buy them at the makerspace.

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