Hi, I'm Nathan Pennie
When I'm not ski racing, I enjoy computer programming and electrical engineering. I use these skills to do small jobs, such as small business websites or beginner electronics kits. I have an Amateur Extra class radio license (hence the callsign, KB1RD) and I can be found on the Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society Tuesday radio nets. I use Linux as my primary OS and I can program in a wide variety of languages. Of course, nearly every weekend during the winter, I can be found skiing at my favorite ski mountain, Cannon.
My Projects
Here's what I've been working on
KB1RD's uBlock Origin List
Blocks unnecessary content
This is my list for the uBlock Origin plugin. I created these filters to block any content on a website that is not strictly necessary to load a webpage, such as advertisements, or tracking scripts.
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An educational assembly code simulator
A in-browser assembler complete with a virtual CPU visualizer and a learn mode to teach assembly.

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New England Sci-Tech Kits
Beginner electronics kits
I have created a number of kits to teach student how to solder complete with instructions manuals.

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